Here’s some examples recent the training and coaching projects. I work with large well known organisations plus dynamic, ambitious marketing agencies.


Marketing EXcellence

Over the past 3 years I’ve facilitated a series of ‘Marketing Excellence Programmes’ with key marketing teams across the world. My role has been to plan and facilitate the entire Programme. I also ran a series of ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops for the senior leaders, to enable them to run their own sessions.


FAcilitation SKills Training

I’ve delivered a series of facilitation skills training programmes with the Insight and Planning Team at Bord Bia (The Irish Food Board). These have included teaching core skills of facilitation and running specific practice sessions. Topics included Brand Planning, Innovation and Communication Planning.


Creativity Training

I was asked to plan and run the Global company away day in Barcelona, I ran a creativity training session for over 200 people, using creative tools and techniques to develop breakthrough solutions.



I was hired by the Nescafe Strategic Business Unit in Vevey, to help them to structure and craft the Nescafe Brand Story. It involved story development sessions with the senior team, as well as workshops to craft and finalise the story.


Creativity Training

I’ve undertaken a whole series of facilitation skills programmes with MEC (now Wavemaker) in Europe and the USA. Notably, I undertook a series of two day workshops as part of the UK ‘Rising Talent’ Programme, designed to enhance the organisation’s creative confidence and output of their brightest young stars.


Brand Planning

I’ve been working with the Florette UK commercial team to help them create their Annual Brand Plan. My role has been to define the overall approach, facilitate the workshops and support them in the developing of their sales and marketing plans

I learned most of my workshop trade from you Tony! Still sticking to your approach, and it still works :)