I’m a Believer in lifelong learning.

My business expertise is marketing. No other discipline brings requires such a diverse range of skills. Creative thinking, consumer empathy, the ability to plan, the ability to execute. They're all essential to the marketing function. Marketing drives the success of businesses. Plus it’s great fun.

I started my marketing career at Nestlé where I spent 7 years as a brand manager. I worked on brands such as Nescafé and Buitoni in the UK and France. I then spent 10 years at renowned branding consultancy Added Value (now Kantar Consulting). There, I became the Innovation Director of the UK business. Over the past decade or so I’ve been an independent consultant. I've been working on projects such as strategic planning, innovation and brand positioning. I’ve worked for some of the world’s most famous brands and my work has taken me to some incredible places.

In recent years, I've became more interested in the people who ran the brands. I love it when people perform well. So I decided to focus more on training and coaching rather than consultancy.

I’ve therefore developed a series of training programmes across a range of marketing and business skills. Those that I want to pass on to others.

Keynote Presentation, Atlassian Partner Event, Vienna

Keynote Presentation, Atlassian Partner Event, Vienna

You are my workshop guru. I’ve seen a few over-organised contemplation sessions lately and they lack the organised chaos.