Here are the kind of courses I’m often asked to run. They’re designed to help people to grow, to learn and to develop. To find their voice and build their confidence.


Facilitation Skills

Facilitate all kinds of different workshops.

Key Topics

How to plan sessions, core facilitation skills, tools and techniques for different workshops, handling difficult people.


Creative Thinking

Achieve your creative potential.

Key Topics

Idea generation tools and techniques, bringing ideas to life, creative judgement, developing creative habits and behaviours.


Critical Thinking

Make more rational decisions.

Key Topics

Self awareness, sourcing information, synthesising data, creating powerful arguments, critical writing.


USing Storytelling in Business

Use storytelling to deliver engaging reports

Key Topics

The classic storytelling structure, how to be persuasive, how to inject emotion in your stories, presenting with conviction


COnsumer UNDerstanding

Get closer to your consumers.

Key Topics

What do we mean by consumer insight, techniques to make you more insightful, how to spot and articulate an Insight.


Brand Planning

Defining your future growth plans

Key Topics

Conducting strategic reviews, setting objectives, defining strategies, aligning activities and setting KPIs

Over the years I’ve met some incredible people in some wonderful locations. Here’s a selection.